SMEs & Start Ups

At myCreative, we excel in taking our clients through the various stages of development that their brand will go through in its lifetime. Quite often, you will develop a logo for your new company only to evolve it again a few years later as your business grows and takes on a bigger, broader identity.

A perfect example is Takumi Engineering – fast approaching its 12th anniversary, it not only began the process of a name change, the owner also instigated a total rebrand too.

In getting to know our clients, myCreative’s team of designers often look to find out what interests our customers, what visions they have for their business in the future and what inspires them. For Takumi (the Japanese word for ‘Artisan’), it was a methodology in engineering that was based on being exact and precise in everything they do. The owner also has a long standing love of the Far East.

After being commissioned and compiling a full and detailed brief, we developed several logo ideas in sketch mode. From the chosen designs, we worked three of them up to proof stage. Once a final logo was chosen, it was then taken through several more colour and font stages before the final design was born.

It now adorns the company’s business cards, corporate stationery, vehicle livery, order pads, stickers and signs. In short, it encompasses the client’s brief exactly.

  • Strong, bold, precise
  • Mechanical
  • Modern, black and red

One very happy client, along with a striking new brand that stands out from the crowd!

If you’re looking to start your own company and need a logo or some marketing ideas, or if you are looking to refresh your existing brand or take it in a new direction, get in touch with our design team now for an initial consultation that’s free and on us.